Our Mission

We live in an experience economy. Organizations thrive or fail based on the experiences they deliver. WithNova's mission is to help you succeed in today’s experience economy.


To deliver our mission our experience management platform uses machine learning functionalities, IBM Watson's artificial intelligence technology and the world's most powerful insights platform to provide you with answers not readily apparent at first glance. We do this to uncover drivers and connections in your data that no human brain can conceive of, at speeds no human being can hope to achieve - with the exclusively purpose of helping our clients understand and win in today's complex experience economy.

Management Team


Shukri Cornelius CM(SA)

Chief Executive Officer

Zubair Picture

Zubair Wadee CA(SA)

Chief Operating Officer

J.C. de Villiers

Dr J.C. de Villiers, PhD

Director: Strategic Advisory Services

Alistair Picture

Alistair Leukis

Business Development Manager